Winter Wonderland Fan Photos | 2016

Grand Haven undergoes a drastic transformation when Winter strikes – and is it ever magical. The remnants of Fall fade away while ice and snow fill its place, and everything comes to a peaceful standstill. Lake Michigan takes on new forms as ice, and an abundance of white fluffy snow covers rooftops, streets, and trees. Our social media followers have shared plenty of beautiful Winter snapshots with us in the last month. While they have captured so many magical moments – here are some of our favorites so far this Winter!

The sand and pier at Grand Haven State Park are hidden with snow in this beautiful picture captured by Dave Evans. Lake Michigan has never looked so still and calm.

Grand Haven Michigan - Photo: Dave Evans 1.6.16

Everyone knows what happens to sand when lightning strikes, but how about when snow falls? While the beach is the epitome of summer, Vickie L. VanEizenga Buckner has shown us sand can be just as great in the Winter!

Grand Haven Michigan - Photo: Vickie L. VanEizenga Buckner 1.14.16

When the water along the shore begins to freeze, we are treated with this amazing result! Loose Canon Photography captured the water forming ice balls and rings on Lake Michigan. Check out our video of the ice balls and rings in motion – it is truly a unique sight.

Grand Haven Michigan - Photo: Loose Canon Photography 1.19.16

When it snows…well, you get it. Instagramer @cotten.baker captured the snowflakes falling in their best form, big and fluffy.

Grand Haven Michigan - Photo: @cotten.baker Instagram

Rosy Mound Nature Trails received a dusting of snow earlier this Winter. It made for a pretty view while hiking – just ask Instagramer @r_vanz! With the right temperature, hikes along Rosy Mound are beautiful year round.

Grand Haven Rosy Mound - Photo: @r_vanz Instagram

A little cold weather doesn’t hold this Grand Haven fan back! Instagramer Branden Vandentoorn took this cool surfing shot on Lake Michigan.  Curious about surfing on the lake? Reach out to our surfing insider about surfing on Lake Michigan!

Grand Haven Surfing - Photo: Branden Vandentoorn 1.14.16

The railing along the boardwalk receives a makeover when cold temperatures set in. Forever Prints photography snapped this picture of nature’s very own ice sculpture.

Grand Haven Boardwalk - Photo: Forever Prints 1.18.16

Sunsets in Grand Haven are appreciated year round. Here, photographer Matthew Brown captured a warm sun setting over the frozen pier. Be sure to keep an eye out every evening for our “Sunset Photo of the Day” on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Grand Haven Sunset - Photo: Matthew Brown 1.14.16

During Winter, the trees become nature’s dream catchers. Instagramer @blessing_beads took this photo of the snow covered trees from the comfort of her own home. No corner of Grand Haven is untouched by Winter – so its beauty can be enjoyed from all around.

Grand Haven Winter - Photo: @blessing_beads Instagram

Strong winds and cool temperatures make for amazing sights along the catwalk. Mother nature lays her hand along the shore creating these larger-than-life icicles! Photographer Walter E. Elliot ventured out onto the pier to take this amazing shot!

Grand Haven Michigan - Photo: Walter E. Elliot 1.14.16


Thank you to our awesome fans for sharing their Grand Haven photos! You can see more by searching #grandhaven and #visitgrandhaven on Instagram. 

As always, we love to see your Grand Haven photos and videos! Share them with us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter






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