Grand Haven Sand Sculpture Contest Creations!

In honor of the upcoming 41st Annual Sand Sculpture Contest Sat. on June 15. We’ve decided to compile a gallery. It’s amazing to see what these individuals and teams from the Grand Haven Area and beyond can do with water and sand; turning their creative ideas into reality. 

In this blog, you can expect to see some fun and fabulous sculptures from past years of the event. Hopefully this gets you inspired or excited for this year’s competition! Without further ado, let’s look at some of the fan favorites this contest has offered:

Past Sculptures

Credit: Grand Haven Chamber

In 2012, (in the photo above) this life-size sculpture of a campfire won the People’s Choice Award. The People’s Choice Award includes the public, not the judges, for people picking their favorite sand sculpture. Not only is the campfire extremely detailed, but the design of the setting is detailed as well. No grains of sand were left behind. The people enjoyed the theme and voted for them to win.

Credit: Grand Haven Chamber

Coming in 3rd place in the Family Team category from 2014, was the seahorse! A family came together to construct an award winning sculpture. The scale of the sculpture alone was enough to make it stand out amongst the competition. Not to mention, the added texture from the hand and fingerprints gave the sculpture some character and displayed how hard the team worked. The shape of the seahorse and its smooth curves are also an added touch that shows attention to detail.

Credit: Grand Haven Chamber

Featuring a few smaller sculptures, we have this challenging Celtic Triquetra sculpture from 2018. It’s the little things that make this one special. Smooth surfaces everywhere, even the surfaces on the inside of the symbol, except for the lines carved into the crevices around the symbol. Aesthetically it is pleasing to look at, since the shape is a difficult one,  making it a favorite in the 2018 contest.

Credit: Grand Haven Chamber

This sand castle won the Adult Individual category in 2019. The fairy tale castle construction makes this entry special even though it’s not the biggest sand sculpture out there. We wish we could see the inside!

Credit: Grand Haven Chamber

This massive squid sculpture is also an admiring creation with long sand tentacles and big head. It garnered a lot of looks in the 2023 contest because of its larger than life configuration, and we are hoping to see even more creative creatures in 2024. 

Credit: Grand Haven Chamber

This sculpture pays homage to Grand Haven, by portraying the two lighthouses on the pier, turning it into another fan favorite. The inner and outer lighthouses are both displayed with a moat around them which acts as Lake Michigan. The moat is a fun addition to an already wonderful idea. We can only hope to see something like this sculpted again!

Credit: Grand Haven Chamber

We’ll end this collection with one last sand castle from 2020. The castle shows incredible detail all around which means the closer you look the more you see. The outer wall of the castle chipping away, all the windows, the consistency in the stairs and bricks, and even creative sand trees on the left. Certainly another favorite to add to our impressive list of sand sculptures.

We Hope to See You There!

If we’ve learned anything from looking at these spectacular sculptures, it’s that there is some serious talent and creativity out there. And these are just a few of hundreds of sand sculptures the contest has seen over the years. All the more reason you should come out to Grand Haven City Beach for the 2024 contest! We can’t wait to find out what incredible ideas folks come up with this year on Saturday, June 15. We hope you’re there with us! 

If you’d like to see more cool creations, information, or miscellaneous news, check out the Sand Sculpture Contest Facebook and Instagram


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