Top Tips For First Time Visitors To The Grand Haven Area

There are almost limitless wonderful reasons to choose to visit the Grand Haven area this summer: with miles of sandy beaches, a beautiful and traditional lighthouses, and a warm friendly welcome waiting for you, Grand Haven is the best beach destination in Michigan. Our guest blogger, Sal Haynes, offers up a few top tips for first time visitors to the area to ensure you make the most of your summer vacation time.

Take Your Time
Grand Haven is home to tons of wonderful attractions and things to do, which means that it can be tempting to cram as many activities as possible into your time here, especially if you are only taking a very short trip. However, you will appreciate the unique beauty of the area much more if you use your vacation as an opportunity to slow down and take your time. Enjoy long leisurely lunches at one of the area many unique restaurants. Visit some of the area’s micro-breweries or take a tour along the coast. Take time to stroll along the beach with the sand between your toes and enjoy the view of the lighthouses as the sun sets. Slow down.

Grand Haven Beach Walk - Photo Credit Brian Fett

Get Your Bearings
Whilst Grand Haven may not be as well-known to foreign tourists as America’s other beach destinations, if you are visiting the States for your summer vacation and looking for an idyllic, traditional beach destination then there is no better place to visit than Grand Haven. Grand Haven has all the facilities that tourists from further afield will need, such as money exchange services and a very helpful tourist information center. Getting your bearings and establishing where the facilities you will need are located as soon as you arrive will help to ensure your trip runs as smoothly as possible.

Butch's Beach Burritos World Map - Grand Haven

Visit The Lighthouses
The entrance and inner lighthouse structures in Grand Haven are amongst some of the finest and most well preserved lighthouses in the region, meaning that when you are visiting the Grand Haven area they are well worth a visit. The Grand Haven pier is a fascinating place to visit, affording beautiful views of the coast and onsite interpretive displays and artefact presentations for those interested in discovering more about the history of the lighthouse and the harbor it protects. You’ll leave with a new respect for the role that lighthouses and lighthouse keepers have had in keeping our sailors and fishermen safe for hundreds of years.

Grand Haven Lighthouse at sunset - Photo Credit Ed Post

Enjoy Nature Based Fun
Grand Haven is proud of its eco-tourism credentials and the environmentally friendly and nature based activities that it has to offer its visitors. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy fun outdoor pursuits with minimal environmental impact in the Grand Haven area. Why not try your hand at paddle sports on the waters, enjoy a hike through the breathtaking parks that surrounds the area, or even capture some of the wonderful wildlife living in Hemlock Crossing Park on camera? The possibilities are both delightful and limitless.

Rosy Mound Natural Area Grand Haven. Photo Credit: Marci Cisneros


What are your top tips for first time visitors to the Grand Haven area? Let us know by posting them in the comments below!


{Guest Blogger – Sal Haynes}
Sal Haynes is a travel writer who spent most of her teens and twenties working either in the hospitality industry or on cruise ships. By the time she hit her thirties she did realize it was time to slow down a bit, settle and start a family – now she’s a mom and she writes full time, but is hoping to get her kids bitten with the travel bug sooner rather than later.

Title Photo Credit: Marci Cisneros

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