Top 5 Photos with Tototoo Photo

This is the third installment in our blog series where we ask local photographers to share with us their 5 favorite photos of the Grand Haven area. This week we are pleased to feature Deb Neerken from Tototoo Photo!

Deb is a recently retired from her 31 year career in public service. Since her retirement she has more time to explore and photograph the beauty in Michigan in all four seasons. More of her photos can be seen on her Instagram and Facebook page. 

Here are Deb Neerken’s Top 5 Photos she has taken in the Grand Haven area and why!

#1 Lake Fire

This is one of my favorite Grand Haven sunset photos. I chose this photo because the sky looks like its on fire with flames coming from the rough water. It was raining when I got to the beach but after the rain quit the sky was quite spectacular.

#2 Foggy Sunset

I chose this one because it reminds me that God’s light shines through the fog. This was taken a few months after I lost my Dad. One minute after I took this photo the fog was so thick you could no longer see the lighthouse. There was a full moon that night.

#3 Instameet Sunset

This is one of the most colorful sunset afterglows I have ever seen. I chose this photo because of its vibrant color – and I love pink! There was an Instameet this night for people I was acquainted with on Instagram. I almost did not go because I had not felt good all day and it was cloudy and gloomy. The sun started to peak out form the clouds so I decided to go. This was a good decision!

#4 Wind Dancer Sunset

I chose this photo because of how cool the Wind Dancer looked coming into the channel with the beautiful sky behind it. The sky was full of cool clouds that night because of storms in the area.

#5 Winter 1223

This was taken the day after Christmas and it was snowing. I chose this photo because of how the train stood out with the freshly fallen snow and the white sky.


To learn more about Tototoo Photos follow her on Facebook and Instagram!

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