Top 30 Photos of 2015

It has been a great year filled with amazing photos shared with us by our fans and beyond! Countless photos have been shared with us in 2015 – each fantastic and beautiful in their own way. Having photos and videos of the Grand Haven area shared with us is one of the favorite parts of our job. We just love seeing the area through the eyes of a visitor or a local resident and it reminds every time just how lucky we are to live in the Grand Haven area. It is pretty amazing to live and work in a place where people choose to spend their annual vacations!

Of the hundreds and hundreds of photos shared with us via social media in 2015, we’ve whittled it down to our 30 favorite images of  the year. Enjoy!

Polar Vortex 2.0
After a snowless December in 2014, winter made its triumphant return in early January 2015. Ed Post captured this bone chilling image of the ice building up along the Grand Haven pier.

Ed Post 1.11.15 - Grand Haven, Michigan

On The Catwalk
Thanks to high winds, snow, and subzero temps,  ice built up so quickly and so high along the Grand Haven pier that Amalia Heichelbech was able to peek her head through the catwalk to capture this stunning image.

Amalia Heichelbech 1.14.15 - Grand Haven, Michigan

Frozen Foghouse
Steve Damstra made the hike down the frozen, icy pier to capture this incredible photo of a very ice covered foghouse.

Steve Damstra 1.16.15 - Grand Haven, Michigan

Sorbet Sunset
When one first thinks of a Grand Haven sunset, they first think of summer. While summer sunsets are beautiful, the cooler months bring us the most colorful sunsets of the entire year. This photo by Morgan Andrew Somers is proof.

Masphoto - Grand Haven, Michigan

Grand Engagement
Towards the end of January, photos of the frozen pier and Lake Michigan drew the attention of thousands to embarked upon Grand Haven to see it for themselves. Ellie Scholtz was visiting when she came across this sweet moment of a mystery couple getting engaged along the frozen lake at sunset.

Ellie Scholtz 1.20.15 - Grand Haven, Michigan

We Michiganders are famous for taking advantage of any opportunity to be outside. We guess this paddleboarder just couldn’t wait until summer to paddle on Lake Michigan again. Photo by Bob Peskorse.

Bob Peskorse 1.29.15 - Grand Haven, Michigan

Sea of Glass
As the temps start to rise and the ice starts to shift, the sheets of ice pile up like panes of glass along the shores of Lake Michigan as captured in this image from Bob Peskorse. The turquoise color of ice is not a product of Photoshop either. It’s caused by the slow and unequal pressure in the main body of the packed ice as well as by the unequal structure and temperature. AKA ‘science’.

Bob Peskorse 3.4.15 - Grand Haven, Michigan

Falcon Selfie
High above Grand Haven in the Board of Light & Power’s chimney is one of Michigan’s top ranking Peregrine Falcon nesting sites. Since 2001, the nesting site has produced over 30 new chicks helping grow the population of this rare bird. The BLP has even installed a ‘Falcon Cam‘ so you can check on the falcon couple. When we took a peek in early April this year, we were delighted to capture this image.

BLP Falcon 4.2.15 - Grand Haven, Michigan

Ice Urchin
Due to the brutally cold winter, we had snow on the ground until early April here in the Grand Haven area. Instagramer @scp79 picked up a chunk of ice along the pier and it fell apart like this.

Instagramer @scp79 4.7.15 - Grand Haven, Michigan

Not too long ago, the American Bald Eagle was almost extinct. Today, they are beginning to flourish once again and it’s not unlikely to see one soaring over the Grand River and Spring Lake as they hunt for fish in the Grand Haven area. Bill Klouw captured this regal fellow while out on Grand Haven’s Harbor Island this spring.

Bill Klouw 4.8.15 - Grand Haven, Michigan

Quick As Lightning  
A storm rolling into shore along Lake Michigan is a sight to behold. Walter Elliot patiently went hunting for lightning during this early spring storm and walked away with this incredible shot.

Walter E. Elliott 4.10.15 - Grand Haven, Michigan

Lake Michigan Mirage
At first glance, it’s not apparent what exactly one is seeing in this photo taken by Ed Post. Once you spot the two red lighthouses, it becomes more clear – and absolutely amazing. The phenomenon is referred to as a “superior mirage” and is created by atmospheric conditions that alter the appearance of the Earth’s horizon. So in this case, it created a mirage of the sand dunes that are far, far north of Grand Haven. Just…wow.

Ed Post 4.21.15 - Grand Haven, Michigan

Spring Sunburst
With ice still floating in Lake Michigan, Instagramer @seoung didn’t let it stop them from visiting Grand Haven State Park to see the sunset.

Instagramer @seoung 4.29.15 - Grand Haven, Michigan

May The Fourth Be With You
What better photo for May 4th than this one shared with us by Instagramer @blakedanger249.

Instagramer @blakedanger249 5.4.15 - Grand Haven, Michigan

Memorable Memorial 
Instagramer @hansenca’s timing was perfect when capturing this fly over in downtown Grand Haven during the annual Memorial Day parade.

Instagramer @hansenca 5.25.15 - Grand Haven, Michigan

Sunset For Two
This couple enjoys a classic Grand Haven summer sunset along the north pier. Photo via Freddie Bennett Photography.

Freddie Bennett Photography 8.4.15 - Grand Haven, Michigan

Rolling In
A warm, summer beach day turned into a storm watching session at Grand Haven State Park in early August when this Lake Michigan storm rolled into shore. Colin Holtzclaw captured the amazing cloud formation while getting ready to seek shelter at the park pavilion.

Colin Holtzclaw  8.3.15 - Grand Haven, Michigan

King of the Castle
A day at the beach isn’t complete without building a sand castle! Instagramer @pmdavis_photos came along this pretty spectacular sand castle while strolling the beach at Grand Haven State Park.

Instagramer @pmdavis_photos 8.28.15 - Grand Haven, Michigan

Smiles All Around
Now this looks like a ton of fun! Instagramer @kbrace926 and friends headed out to Lake Michigan on Jet Skis on a warm summer’s day and made sure to stop for a selfie with the Lighthouse.

Instagramer @kbrace926 9.8.15 - Grand Haven, Michigan

Coming in Hot
Karen J Photography captured a Great Lakes freighter entering the Grand Haven channel just after sunset this summer. If you look close, you can see folks watching the massive ship from the end of the pier.

Karen J Photography 9.11.15 - Grand Haven, Michigan

Fresh Water Ocean
For those who have never visited a Great Lake in person, it may be hard to fathom just how powerful and massive our ‘lakes’ really are. This shot taken in mid-October by Cannon Place Photography showcases the beauty and power Lake Michigan truly has.

Cannon Place Photography 10.20.15 - Grand Haven, Michigan

Fall-ow Us To The Lake
The Grand Haven area is a premier summer destination but it’s four seasons of beauty is what we love most. During a perfect, sunny day in late October Instagramer @rminch went for a stroll in Kirk Park and captured this lovely fall moment.

Instagramer @rminch 10.27.15 - Grand Haven, Michigan

Surf’s Up!
Unlike warmer destinations along the ocean, fall is the prime time for local surfers to catch waves along Lake Michigan. During a few particularly windy days in early November, Jenna Swartz Photography headed down to Grand Haven State Park to capture the action. Our local surfers are hardcore!

Jenna Swartz Photography 11.3.15 - Grand Haven, Michigan

Gales Of November
Add this photo to the “Never Before In My Life” list. Massive waves crashing along the pier are not unlikely in the fall. However, we have never seen waves like this roll up river along the Grand Haven Boardwalk. Luckily, Instagramer @pmdavis_photos was there to witness whitecaps in the Grand River in mid-November.

Instagramer @pmdavis_photos 11.17.15 - Grand Haven, Michigan

On Fire
During this set of insanely windy days in mid-November, we saw so many incredible images of the wave action along Lake Michigan. Bob Peskorse was at the right place, at the right time when he captured this wave crashing along the pier during one of the most intense sunsets we’ve had all year.

Bob Peskorse 11.16.15 - Grand Haven, Michigan

 Worth A Thousand Words (and One Million Views!)
As the high winds ripped across Lake Michigan and created massive waves, they also created something pretty amazing along the shore. Tototoo Photo came across this scene while checking out the waves near Grand Haven State Park. This is the first image we’ve reshared on our Facebook page that was viewed by over one million people!

Tototoo Photo 11.18.15 - Grand Haven, Michigan

Stay. Sit. Good boy. 
Zeus and his family went for a stroll along the Grand Haven pier. Owner Steve Dogman has Zeus well trained and captured this fun photo next to the fog house.

Stephen Dogman 12.22.15 - Grand Haven, Michigan

Santa’s Victory Lap
After delivering toys to boys & girls across the globe, Santa decided to blow off some steam by going for a Jet Ski ride down the Grand Haven channel on Christmas day. Thankfully Larry & Marilyn Mennetti were there to capture it!

Larry & Marilyn Mennetti 12.25.15 - Grand Haven, Michigan

 As you can see by the above photos, it was a pretty amazing year here in the Grand Haven area! We can’t wait to see what photos and videos our social media fans share with us in 2016! 

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