Each month our social media fans share and tag us in some of the most phenomenal images of the Grand Haven area on our social media pages! May began colder than expected but ended with the beautiful weather we all look forward to here  in Grand Haven, MI. Here are some of our favorite photos from the month of May!

Foggy Grand Haven Pier 

The weather didn’t start off as warm as us Michiganders had hoped for this May after our infamous winters. However, the fog rolled in thick mid-May and Steve Damstra captured this perfectly timed photo with heavy fog rolling in across the pier. Thank you Steve Damstra for sharing this photo with us!

Grand Haven Pier - Foggy day - Steve Damstra

Memorial Day 

During the Grand Haven Memorial Day parade Instagramer @hansenca captured this photo of the spectacular flyover to honor our fallen veterans. Thanks for sharing the photo with us!

Memorial Day-Instagramer hansenca- Veterans

Dogs on the Pier

It’s always difficult to choose which sunset photos to share due to the abundance of gorgeous Grand Haven pier photos that are shared with us. However, this one stood out as these two adorable puppies took a stroll down the pier. Thank you to Instagramer @robertekoke for sharing this photo with us!

Grand haven pier sunset, dogs on the pier.

Sunset in Hammocks 

Our second choice for sunset photos was captured by Facebook user Jasmine Hornberger DC. This may be one of the most relaxing and enjoyable ways to enjoy a beautiful setting sun on the famous Grand Haven pier.

Hammocks on the Grand Haven pier-JasmineHornbergerDC

Nighttime Lighthouse 

Not only are the sunset photos some our favorites but the difficult night shots always make for a unique perspective of the pier. This beautiful photo was captured by Facebook user Todd Maertz – thanks for sharing Todd!

Night time picture at the Grand Haven Pier - Todd Maertz

Musical Fountain 

Along with the warmer weather came the start of the season for the spectacular Musical Fountain. The shows are different every night and feature mesmerizing displays of synchronized water and modern LED lights all synchronized to music. This photo was captured by Instagramer @lalondemaggie16, thanks for using the tag #visitgrandhaven!

Grand Haven Musical Fountain

Kite Fest 

The Great Lakes Kite Festival in mid-May is always an enjoyable time here in Grand Haven. It’s extraordinary how many kites can be seen flying in the sky above Grand Haven State Park. Thanks for sharing this photo with us Twitter user Marnie Lambitz!

Grand Haven kite festival- Marnie Lambitz

Throwback Thursday

Every week we ask our followers to participate in the trending #ThrowbackThursdays and share their throwbacks from Grand Haven with us. On May 22, Facebook user Vicki Jones shared with us this #throwbackthursday photo from the Fall of 1972. Thanks for this flash from the past Vicki!

Throwback Thursday Grand Haven Pier, Vicki Jones

Great Lake Freighters 

Occasionally Grand Haven Pier is accompanied by some massive freighters traveling through the channel. This intriguing photo was captured by Facebook user Chad Stanton, thanks for sharing Chad!

Big boat in the Grand Haven Pier, Chad Stanton

View From Above

Last but not least of our top 10 this month is an aerial view of beautiful Grand Haven at sunset. Facebook user Gregory S. Bozik shared this photo with us. Thanks for sharing with us this spectacular view not commonly seen Gregory!

Grand Haven sunset from above, aerial view - Gregory S. Bozik

Thanks for following us on our social media pages! Please share this post and tell everyone how truly amazing the Grand Haven area is! Don’t forget to share with us your photos of the area for others to see on our social media pages 🙂

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