Beach Flag Warning System

While enjoying your stay in the Grand Haven Area you may have noticed the colored flags located on the local beach and wondered what they are for. Those flags are there to help people stay safe and to keep them informed of the local water conditions. There are four different flags that you need to be aware of and those are the green, yellow and red flag as well as a double red flag. The double red flag has been added recently to the flag system since last year. With how unpredictable the water can be in Lake Michigan the DNR decided to add another flag to the system to keep more people safe. Below are the flags and their meanings:

Green: It is safe to swim under the current conditions

Yellow: swimming is allowed, but watch for dangerous currents and high wives

Red: High surf and/or strong currents. It’s recommended that you stay on the beach

Two Red Flags: Do not enter the water, dangerous conditions. 

Hopefully this helps the next time you are out enjoying the day on the beach.

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