5 Reasons Froyo Is Never Out of Season

Sit back for a moment and think about this: Sunshine. A warm breeze. Waves breaking. Seagulls calling. The sand between your toes.
Yearning for summer yet? These days, I’m thankful for the faintest ray of sunshine. Though there are a few months of winter still ahead, there is a taste of summer nearby. Consider this: Sweet and fluffy marshmallows. Crisp bits of breakfast cereal. Gooey warm chocolate sauce. Tart gummi worms that make you pucker. And cool, smooth frozen yogurt.

Frozen yogurt is one treat that can be enjoyed all year long. And on the Grand Haven lakeshore, there are ample opportunities to enjoy it at the froyo shops that are open year round. What makes froyo such a fantastic wintertime treat?

It’s a healthy option
Since it’s made with milk rather than cream, froyo is a healthy alternative to other sweet treats. Compared to ice cream, froyo has fewer calories and a lower fat content. It’s a great source of calcium, which promotes strong bones. It also has probiotics that boost your immune system, and it helps to regulate digestive functions. Who knew that such a tasty snack could do all of that? To make it really healthy, choose fresh fruit toppings like strawberry and mango slices.
Frozen Yogurt - Grand Haven, Michigan

It’s customizable
We all know that you can put whatever toppings you want on your froyo. Your froyo cup is truly a colorful, edible representation of your personality. Me? I like a fruity flavored yogurt (mango is high on my list) topped with fresh fruit, Oreo and Kit Kat bits and crumbles, and a few gummy worms. If there’s fresh whipped cream, that goes on top. I’ve been told this is an odd combination, but what does it matter? It’s mine!

The combinations can range from the classics—caramel cheesecake yogurt, pecans, caramel syrup, and -whipped cream—to totally off the charts—plain yogurt, kiwi slices, fruity pebbles, and chocolate syrup. Let your inner froyo guru guide you!The Pump House - Grand Haven, Michigan

It will remind you of summertime
If you haven’t visited the Grand Haven area in the summertime, this is the season that it truly bustles with life. Not only are the froyo shops full, but so are the beach, the sand volleyball courts, and all the shops up and down Washington Avenue.

During the winter, a cup of fresh froyo in your hand helps you to imagine the snow and ice outside melting away. Soon enough you’ll be in the sunshine again, warming your toes in the sand, enjoying your froyo while you walk along the beach.Frozen Yogurt - Grand Haven, Michigan

Grand Haven has not one, but two, fantastic froyo establishments to choose from!
Your favorite froyo creation is available year-round from either of the frozen yogurt shops in Grand Haven. Wild Blue Frozen Yogurt is located on Beacon Boulevard, between Panera Bread and Russ’. If you’re already downtown on Washington Avenue, The Pump House is conveniently located on North Harbor Drive. While both of these shops are open throughout the year, their winter hours differ from their summer hours, so check their websites or call ahead to check what times their open.

The Pump House - Grand Haven, Michigan. Photo credit: Kailyn Clay  Wild Blue Frozen Yogurt - Grand Haven, Michigan. Photo credit: Kailyn Clay

You’ll find friendly faces
Both of the froyo shops in Grand Haven are locally owned and operated. What does this mean for you? It means that you’ll be greeted by people from the neighborhood who want to help you experience the flavors and friendliness of Grand Haven. It also means that the people running these shops are committed to the growth and success of the Grand Haven community. While you feel good about enjoying your frozen yogurt, you can also feel good about the businesses you’re supporting. Come back often enough, and the folks behind the counter will soon know your name and that your favorite topping combination is malted milk balls and white chocolate chips.

Wild Blue Frozen Yogurt - Grand Haven, Michigan

What’s your favorite froyo combination? Let us know in the comment section below!


Kailyn Clay, Guest Blogger | Grand Haven, Michigan{Guest Blogger – Kailyn Clay}
Kailyn Clay lives with her husband near the lakeshore in Grand Haven, MI. She works at a small publishing house and spends her free time with friends and family. Her favorite thing about living in Grand Haven is her proximity to the lake and Pronto Pups.




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