5 Tips for Outdoor Weddings in the Grand Haven Area

The West Michigan Lakeshore is renowned for its destination weddings; from beaches to barns the variety we offer allows brides-to-be to showcase their unique style.

The Grand Haven area is popular for outdoor weddings beach side, along the Grand River, and in beautiful gardens. When planning an outdoor wedding, Michigan’s unpredictable weather can raise the stakes so here are five tips to make sure your outdoor wedding goes off without a hitch!

#1 Plan for Wind

Where there’s water, there’s wind and it’s not always the gentle breeze you imagine. Consider this when choosing your hairstyle, dresses, decorations and tent.  Making sure everything is secured down, keeping you and your guests protected from the elements in an enjoyable atmosphere. And don’t forget to have your Maid of Honor keep a stash of bobby pins and hairspray to keep your fly aways tucked away, and your look fresh all night long.
Grand Haven Pier Wedding - Craig Watson Photography. Photo Courtesy of Holiday Inn

#2 Keep Your Guests Comfortable

To avoid guest complaints, (and let’s face it, there’s always that one distant relative who never knew it was going to be an outdoor wedding and came wearing a parka) be sure to address the fact that it’s outdoors on your invites by suggesting casual dress (no heels) and establishing expectations of sand, grassy knolls, or the forest floor. When they’re dressed appropriately, they’re a lot more comfortable, happy and sure to share their good memories from your special day.
Photo Courtesy of Holiday Inn

#3 Let the Scenery Shine

Don’t lose sight of why you choose your outdoor venue, and let the scenery shine! Sunsets, waterfront views, natural florals – these are all visual elements that factor into your décor and will save you some serious cashola! Take advantage of what West Michigan has to offer, you won’t be disappointed.
Holiday Inn Spring Lake Tented Wedding - Craig Watson Photography. Photo courtesy of Holiday Inn

#4 Transportation

Save yourself and your guests the hassle and investigate transportation. Consider how your elderly grandparents are going to walk out onto the beach, or how your guests are going to get to the secluded forest you spent months staking out. Your wedding is a celebration of your marriage with your family and friends – so make sure there are no obstacles for your guests to be in attendance!
Photo Courtesy of Holiday Inn

#5 Hydrate

Last but not least, drink water. Outdoor weddings will have you hustling from ceremony to pictures, back to the reception where you’ve been waiting to break down your latest dance moves. We know staying hydrated is last on your list, but we like to see you enjoying the whole day without passing out from the dress you squeezed into after months of the latest diet fad. Same goes for your guests, even if you’re not doing a cocktail hour, offer water, lemonade and tea to keep them hydrated and happy!
Glass of Water. Via CreativeCommons.org

Want to get a feel for what an outdoor wedding can entail, check out the Waterfront Wedding Expo May 17th.  A portion of the proceeds will be going to the West Michigan Environmental Action Council (WMEAC) in support of preserving our waterways in their Grand River Green Up initiative.

Kendra-Higgins-Guest-BloggerBIO: Kendra Higgins is the Director of Marketing and Social Media for Holiday Inn Spring Lake. Sprouting from Mid-Michigan farm country, Kendra has a new found love and appreciation for Michigan’s golden coast as an active community member and newly fashioned lighthouse enthusiast. 


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