Top 4 Places to Travel by Board

The Grand Haven Area offers its visitors a variety of sights to see, experiences to gain and activities to entertain. Walking the shoreline at the State Park or taking a stroll down the boardwalk will certainly give you beautiful sights and fun-filled memories, but this only leaves you with one perspective. The best way to gain a unique experience, through a different perspective, is to travel by board rather than by foot. Here are the top 4 ways to travel around the Grand Haven area by board!

1. Paddle Your Heart Out- whether you prefer taking a relaxing cruise on a paddleboard or braving the waves and SUP-surfing, Lake Michigan provides the perfect environment to do both. The view from the beach at Grand Haven State Park is spectacular, but the view from the water is one you won’t forget! There is nothing more relaxing than gliding across the lake on a glassy day, but for the adventure-seekers out there a wavy-day surely won’t disappoint. Not a fan of big waves? Head to Spring Lake and spend the day paddling, or try a paddle-yoga class with Knee Deep Living or The Yoga Wave.

Not sure where to find a paddleboard to rent, or worried you may need a lesson? No worries! Visit Wet Mitten Surf Shop or MACkite for board rentals and lessons.

2. Surf’s Up- high winds and waves make for an exciting day surfing and kiteboarding on Lake Michigan! Surfing in Lake Michigan is a unique and challenging experience, but the thrill of jumping off the pier into 6 foot waves and riding them to shore makes it all worth it. Looking for a new hobby to try? Brave the waves in a unique way by taking a kiteboarding lesson from the experts at MACkite!

3. Kick, Push, Glide- for all of the land-lovers out there, who prefer boards with wheels, you are in luck! Grand Haven Skate Park is the perfect place to spend your day skating, or watching simply watching the local skaters. If the skate park isn’t your scene, take a longboard cruise down the boardwalk or roll through downtown on Washington St. The boardwalk spans 1.5 miles from downtown all the way to Lake Michigan and provides the perfect environment for a relaxing ride on your longboard!

4. Catch an Edge- winters in Grand Haven bring in plenty of fresh lake-effect snow, perfect conditions for snowboarding and skiing. Mulligans Hollow offers 6 different slopes, with tow ropes and a terrain park. A new lodge is available for riders to take a break from the slopes and warm-up by the fire! It is the perfect place for a day full of snowboarding or skiing with friends and family!  For those traveling without boards or skis, Mulligans Hollow does offer limited rentals and lessons are available for beginners!

Contact Grand Haven Area CVB for more information or questions on planning your next trip!

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