The Hunt for the Garden Heroes

Do you want your kids get their proper nutrients? It is always challenging for kids to eat their fruits and vegetables. The Grand Haven Farmers Market and the Spring Lake Farm & Garden Market have a solution to that problem, thanks to the new and free activity, Garden Heroes. Jenna Deardorff, an event intern for The Chamber of Commerce Grand Haven, shares more information about the fun activity for kids.

Grand Haven Farmers Market

This summer we are starting up a new fun and free activity called Garden Heroes! Each Wednesday at the Grand Haven Farmers Market and Thursday at the Spring Lake Farm & Garden Market throughout the summer, a different Garden Hero will be hidden within the Market. While looking for the Garden Hero, keep in mind that it will be a small fruit or vegetable beanie baby. So we highly encourage your children to look high and low for the hidden Garden Hero, once it is found, they tell the Garden Hero coordinator where they found it, and a small prize will be given. An informational coloring sheet will also be provided for your children to learn more about the fruit or vegetable. The sheet includes a recipe based off of the fruit or vegetable, as well as some nutritional facts.

Grand Haven Farmers Market

In kick starting this new free activity, it is open to all ages. In order to participate, you first must inform the Garden Hero coordinator that you would like to be a participant, and then the hunt is on! Also, don’t be afraid to ask for some hints or clues, finding the Garden Hero can be a little tricky!

Grand Haven Farmers Market

Our Garden Hero activity originally started on June 10th and will carry on until August 6th. The activity will take place at both the Grand Haven Farmers Market as well as the Spring Lake Farm & Garden Market. Hours of operation run between 8-1pm at Grand Haven and 9-2pm at Spring Lake. So the next time you come to the Farmers Market, make sure to bring your kiddos!

Grand Haven Farmers Market

Our overall goal is to encourage children that fruits and vegetables are always a healthier choice when it comes to choosing food. After all, what is better than having a healthy lifestyle to start with?

jenna guest blogger{Guest Blogger Bio}
Jenna Deardorff
Jenna is currently a junior at Fresno State University pursuing a degree in Child Development and is an Event Intern for The Chamber of Commerce Grand Haven, Spring Lake, Ferrysburg. She has dedicated over 200 community service hours during her collegiate years. She loves to lend a helping hand and has a shining personality that shines through to others. She is 20 years old from Hickman, California and very grateful to spend a summer where water is a sustainable source.

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