Dog Haven: 14 Fan Photos

Dogs love to come visit the Grand Haven area too!  We thought it would be fun to share some photos of these adorable animals hanging around town. We had so many adorable, fun photos shared with us – it was hard to narrow them down for this blog post. Here are just a few of our favorites!

Surf’s up for Remy!
Photo: Tia Carmichael

Grand Haven Dogs - Photo: Tia Carmichael

Cali enjoying a day at Kirk Park Dog Beach
Photo: Shannon Ginther

Grand Haven Dogs - Photo: Shannon Ginther

Charlie playing fetch at Kirk Park Dog Beach
Photo: Mike Shinvare

Grand Haven Dogs - Photo: Mike Shinvare

Saddie is such a great sailor!
Photo: Mike Matulis

Dogs of Grand Haven- Photo: Mike Matulis

Stella taking a walk through P.J Hoffmaster State Park
Photo: Melissa McGuire

Dogs of Grand Haven - Photo: Melissa McGuire

We think Teddy wants some Pronto Pups!
Photo: Marcia LaPratt Anderson

Dogs of Grand Haven - Photo: Marcia LaPratt Anderson

Oscar enjoying some ice cream at Miss Lisa’s!
Photo: Ellen Newberry

Dogs of Grand Haven - Photo: Ellen Newberry

Mason enjoying the sunset!
Photo: Jill Split

Dogs of Grand Haven - Photo: Jill Split

Puppy Camouflage! Nala looks a little tired…
Photo: Kayleigh Miilu

Dogs of Grand Haven - Photo: Kayleigh

What a good dog to allow his humans to bury him in the sand!
Photo: Lisa Jeffries

Dogs of Grand Haven - Photo: Lisa Jeffries

Zoe enjoying a ride down the Grand Haven harbor.
Photo: Lori Casper-Reuben

Dogs of Grand Haven - Photo: Lori Casper-Reuben

Shelby taking a break from the sun and enjoying the shade.
Photo: Carl Wierenga

Dogs of Grand Haven - Photo: Carl Wierenga

Kai taking a trip down the river!
Photo: Thomas Schellie

Dogs of Grand Haven - Photo: Thomas Schellie 

Mac had a great 4th of July at the beach in Grand Haven!
Photo: Gabe Poulin

Dogs of Grand Haven - Photo: Gabe Poulin

Thanks to all who submitted photos!

To see more, check out the comments section of our Facebook post.

If you have ever wondered what the world looked like from the perspective of a dog, we took our good pal Bandit on a trip around the Grand Haven area with a GoPro attached to him! Check out the video below!

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