6 Reasons Why I Am Smitten With the Mitten

Hi, I’m Kristina! I am a Media and Marketing intern here at the Grand Haven Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. I work closely with the VisitGrandHaven social media accounts and as well as creating blog posts for VisitGrandHaven.com. I am looking forward to learning new information about the city of Grand Haven and what it has to offer. I learn something new every day whether it is a new place to eat, shop or visit. I work in Grand Haven and visit it on my days off – that’s how much I love it here!

Here are a few reasons why I am Smitten with the Mitten!

#1 – Beach Towns
Coming from a south Chicago suburb, I truly value the importance of beach towns because they do not exist where I am from. There is something about a small beach town that I just love. Maybe it’s the beautiful scenery of the water or the unique local shops downtown. Maybe it’s the generous and kind-hearted people that greet me when I walk into their family owned businesses. Maybe it’s the local food, bakery and coffee shops that are always delicious. Whether it is the scenery, people, food or local shops, Michigan beach towns will always have a special place in my heart.

Grand Haven Trolley. Photo Credit: Ed Post

#2 – Cider Mills
A place that specializes in cider and doughnuts? Count me in! I learned about the prominence of cider mills in Michigan my freshman year at Grand Valley. My first experience was at Robinette’s in Grand Rapids and it was fantastic! This summer I just had my first taste of hard cider from Vander Mill– yum! They offer a variety of different cider flavors and my goal is to taste them all throughout the summer! Michiganders are lucky in the sense that that they have cider mills in many locations throughout the state- I am jealous! I kept hearing about Vander Mill from my friends and I thought to myself, is the cider that good? I found out later that the answer was a definite yes.

Vander Mill Hard Cider

#3 – Snow
Yes, the snow in Michigan can be a bit much to handle but it can be beautiful at the same time. Not to mention, who doesn’t like a snow day off from school? From scraping it off your windshield to digging your car out of a snow bank- the snow can be frowned upon in many situations. However, if you stop and take a minute to breathe and take it in, you may find an incredible view. One of my favorite things about winter is my drive to Grand Valley after Christmas break. Once I pass the Pure Michigan welcome sign, all of the trees are covered in snow and the view is breathtaking.

Grand Haven Pier

#4 – Scenery
From sand and water to trees and fields, Michigan has it all! A three hour drive is not ideal but when I have the Michigan scenery to look at, the drive could be 10 hours and I wouldn’t know the difference! Okay maybe I would but the bottom line is that the views are unbelievable. Pictures do not do the views justice. I went to Rosy Mound in Grand Haven because I heard it was a must see! It was beautiful and I was able to incorporate a workout while I went which made it more enjoyable for me! In the future, I would like to take the West Michigan Pike and explore sites I haven’t seen before. Michiganders – my advice is to cherish the scenery you witness every day and soak it in. There may be a beautiful sunset glistening off the water in your backyard. Michigan is truly a beautiful state to live in.

Photo captured by Cam O'Shea at Rosy Mound in Grand Haven

 #5 – Shopping
Shopping is my favorite hobby.  I am used to big city stores in Chicago but what I am not used to are small local shops in the beach towns of Michigan. I absolutely love Michigan labeled merchandise (half of my closet consists of beach town apparel). My friends who know me well know that I love Grand Haven. I have Grand Haven specialty products such as sweatshirts, t-shirts, stickers, coffee cups, and jewelry – just to name a few. By looking at the Grand Haven logo on my shirt or noting my Michigan hand or mitten necklace, I can always tell the story of where I purchased them and why. I can’t buy those products back home and that is why I hold them dear to my heart.

Artwork piece by Kevin Stinehart at Carlyn and Company in Grand Haven

#6 – Farmers Markets
Eating healthy has been my new “thing” for the past couple of years. Ever since I gained the dreadful freshman 15 I have been looking for ways to eat healthy. Big cities do not have as much farm land to grow fresh fruits and vegetables. I have found that there is a lot of farm land in Michigan which means there is an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. I have been to numerous farmers markets and I have found that fresh food at grocery stores does not compare to fresh food at farmers markets. I also love the sense of community that is present between vendors and customers that you just don’t get at the local grocery store. Michigan Farmers Markets are the way to go!

Grand Haven Farmers Market

There it is – the top 6 reasons why I love Michigan! There are many more – the list is infinite from my perspective! What are some of the reasons you love Michigan? Let us know in the comments below!

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YouMayAlsoLike- fianl templateKristina is a senior at Grand Valley State University pursuing a degree in Advertising and Public Relations. She is 21 years old from Mokena, Illinois but presently smitten with the mitten.






Title image photo credit: I Do Signs

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