Top 5 Photos with Cannon Place Photography

This is the fourth installment in our blog series where we ask local photographers to share with us their 5 favorite photos of the Grand Haven area. This week we are pleased to feature Robin Long from Cannon Place Photography

Robin Long lives in Rockford, Michigan. She is a landscape/nature photographer with a love of all things outdoors. Two of her favorite things are Grand Haven and old barns. The old barns are a part of our history and are so full of character, and Robin falls in love with them all. She also sees Grand Haven as the city of love with such a beautiful community. Lake Michigan humbles her and she loves that no two days are alike here, which makes it easy to be here often and get a totally different look to the scene.

Here are Robin Long’s Top 5 Photos she has taken in the Grand Haven area and why!


It was a gorgeous sunny day and Winter in 2016 was pretty mild. It is unusual for there to be open water this time of the year, so to get a splash is a real treat. Winter is really one of my favorites in the Grand Haven area and there’s lots of solitude and amazing beauty. This day was no exception.


This was a gorgeous sunny day in Grand Haven with warm temperatures and a mix of clouds and sun. This was taken in the early evening and Grand Haven was a bustle of activity. The big powerboats, the jet skis and even a sailboat race. The water was so calm, it reflected the light house and was bright against the mixed sky.


This was taken the day after the Coast Guard Festival ended in 2016. The crowd had gone, the carnival dismantled, the clean up had begun. I got up really early in the morning to capture this shot of the Canadian Coast Guard boat, still harbored in the channel. The water and the skies all seemed calm compared to the activity that is all hustle and bustle during the Coast Guard Festival.


A mix of stormy clouds, sunshine and high winds on this day was so beautiful. In this scene, rays of sunshine came through the dark clouds and created a heavenly looking scene in Grand Haven.


Another day of stormy clouds and waves. The clouds had threatened on and off that afternoon, eventually soaking me with rain on two occasions. But when you are out capturing Mother Nature, sometimes those worries seem not so great. I always protect the camera first, knowing a little rain will not hurt me too much.

To learn more about Cannon Place Photography or to purchase any prints of her work, check out and follow her on Facebook!

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