9 Best Places to Photograph the Grand Haven Lighthouses & Pier

If you’ve followed our Facebook page, the name Walter Elliott may be a bit familiar to you. Over the years we have shared countless photos of his – and for good reason. They are stunning! Today, our guest blogger is none other than Mr. Elliott himself and he has put together his 9 favorite spots to shoot photos of the Grand Haven pier and lighthouses. Enjoy!

On any given day, there are usually a handful of photographers looking for the perfect image of the Grand Haven Pier and Lighthouses.  Sometimes, during a picturesque sunset or big wave day, it’s difficult not to bump into people.  Living only five minutes from these iconic structures, I can be found many days roaming with my camera and tripod, looking for the best vantage point.  I’d like to share nine different areas I use to record the beauty of Grand Haven.

#1 – Directly across the parking lot of the City Beach, there are a set of stairs. A short hike up grants you a bird’s eye view of the beach and pier.  You might notice a camera while you’re there – it’s the one used for the surfgrandhaven.com site. Grand Haven, Michigan - Credit: Walter E. Elliott

#2 – The State Park beach on the south pier is probably the most visited spot in Grand Haven.  From this angle, the sunsets of late spring and early summer position the sun behind the lighthouses and pier.Grand Haven, Michigan - Credit: Walter E. Elliott

#3 – On the pier is a wonderful place to photograph as well.  Grand Haven, Michigan - Credit: Walter E. Elliott
#4 – Another favorite spot for many is by the rocks on the beach. This angle gives the pier a long, narrow look, and adds the textures of the big rocks.                                           Grand Haven, Michigan - Credit: Walter E. Elliott

#5 – My personal favorite place for Grand Haven photography is the dune area east of the rocks.  The slight elevation offers spectacular views of the surrounding area.                                    Grand Haven, Michigan - Credit: Walter E. Elliott

#6 – On South Harbor Drive, across the street from Butch’s Beach Burritos, there’s a parking lot with minimal spaces.  A set of stairs will lead you down to the boardwalk and to an interesting view of the pier. 

Grand Haven, Michigan - Credit: Walter E. Elliott

#7 – After a short drive through Ferrysburg and down North Shore Drive, you’ll find yourself at Grand Haven’s North Pier. From the this site you’re sure to have a great view.                                   Grand Haven, Michigan - Credit: Walter E. Elliott

# 8 – Above the walkway at the end of the beach, there’s a path and few spots to include both the North and South Pier in your photos.    

Grand Haven, Michigan - Credit: Walter E. Elliott

# 9 – A walk to the end of the North Pier gives you another awesome look at Grand Haven’s most famous structures. Grand Haven, Michigan - Credit: Walter E. Elliott

Each one of these locations offers great views and unique photo opportunities.  You may even have a favorite spot that’s not on this list.  However, please be mindful of weather and water conditions.  No shot is worth your life!  There are plenty of safe locations for the perfect image on rough days.

9 Best Places to Photograph the Grand Haven Pier - Walter Elliott



Walter E. Elliott - Grand Haven, Michigan{Guest Blogger – Walter Elliott}

Walter Elliott is a photographer from Grand Haven.  He enjoys sharing the beauty of Michigan and the Great Lakes through his experiences and adventures.  View more of his work on Facebook, Instagram, and his website, www.waltereelliott.com.



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