Top 10 Insider Tips for the 2015 Great Lakes Kite Festival

The Great Lakes Kite Festival is a free event, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to get your money’s worth, but there are some things you can do to make this fun event most memorable for you and your family. Here are MACkite’s Top 10 Insider Tips to Getting the Most Out of the 2015 Great Lakes Kite Festival!

#1 Come to Kite Fest!
Most families wait to start their summer until Memorial Weekend. But Kite Fest kicks off summer a whole week early, and it’s at the beach. Perfect for anyone ready to get outside and play!
Great Lakes Kite Festival Grand Haven. Photo: MACkite

#2 Kite Fest is officially May 16 and 17, but did you know there’s actually one event the night before?
Head to the Lakeshore Middle School gym to watch some of the weekend’s most enchanting and graceful routines indoors without a breath of wind (or even fans). The event starts at 7pm, but come a little early to get the best seating for this increasingly popular free show.
Great Lakes Kite Festival Indoor Fly Grand Haven. Photo: MACkite Facebook Page

#3 Bring your camera, especially if you have one with a zoom lens.
While kites fly high overhead and spectators aren’t allowed on the field for safety reasons, a camera with decent telephoto will bring the action to you and you’ll capture some great memories.
Great Lakes Kite Festival Grand Haven. Photo: MACkite

#4 Wander!
Many folks set up camp and remain in one spot for their whole stay but there’s way too much going on to do that! Head toward the pier to see the giant kites up close and get a sense of just how big they really are. Watch a choreographed routine from behind the fliers as well as in front of them. Don’t miss the incredible variety of kites at the south end of the field being flown by clubs and individuals.
Great Lakes Kite Festival Grand Haven. Photo: MACkite

#5 Be social.
Kiteflyers are some of the friendliest people you’d hope to meet. Many of them make their own kites and are happy to answer your questions about kiteflying.
Great Lakes Kite Festival Grand Haven. Photo: MACkite

#6 Poke your head inside the tent.
For one weekend, it’s the largest kite shop in the world, and you can see a huge variety of kite styles in single line, dual line, or even quad line. There are other things that dance in the wind too.  Windsocks and windspinners if those are more your style.
Great Lakes Kite Festival Grand Haven. Photo: MACkite

#7 Camp on the beach.
This may be a hint for next year’s festival because you’ll need to make your reservations at the Grand Haven State Park months in advance. But there’s nothing like stepping outside in the morning and already being at the event.
Camping at Grand Haven State Park. Photo Credit: Ed Post

#8 Being outdoors wears the kids out and everyone sleeps well that night!
Nestled beside the south end of the tent you’ll find a giant inflatable obstacle course and bungee run for the kids. A nominal fee gets you a wristband to play all day.
Great Lakes Kite Fest Candy Drop. Photo: MACkite

#9 Apply and reapply sunscreen even if it’s cloudy.
You’ll have your face pointed skyward all day. Bring and drink plenty of water. Dress in layers; it can be a bit cooler beside the lake but warms up quickly as the sun heats the sand.
Great Lakes Kite Festival Grand Haven. Photo: MACkite

 #10 Don’t just watch – fly!
Bring a kite or pick one up in the tent and launch in the open field to the south. Learn to fly a stunt kite in the free demo field between the tent and the lake.
Great Lakes Kite Festival Grand Haven. Photo: MACkite

The 27th Annual Great Lakes Kite Festival takes place May 16th & 17th at Grand Haven State Park! For more information including the full festival schedule, be sure to check out the event website here. While in town for the event, be sure to stop by MACkite in downtown Grand Haven!

What Insider Tips do you have for visitors to the Great Lakes Kite Festival? Leave you suggestions in the comments below!

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