November Storm Fan Photos | 2015

We’ve had a pretty mild Fall so far here in the Grand Haven area especially compared to last November where we saw several inches of snow. That all changed early last week when local forecasters called for up to 60 mph winds and ‘Monster’ 15 to 20 foot waves for Thursday and Friday. Whoa.

Wzzm 13 Grand Rapids Lake-Michigan-Wave-Heights-Forecast---Hand-Drawn

In anticipation of the storm, local public safety officials closed access to the Grand Haven north and south piers since waves this size surely would easily wash over the pier structures. We cannot remember the last time this has happened but are glad that they did. Lake Michigan is a powerful and unpredictable force.

Also in anticipation of the massive waves, professional and amature photographers locally and from across the state geared up and made their way to Grand Haven to capture the action. Starting early Thursday morning, countless stunning images and videos were shared with us through our social media channels. Here are some of our favorites!


{Gavin Smith – GavinSmithPhoto.com

Gavin Smith - GavinSmithPhoto.com


{Morgan Andrew Somers – Masphotomi.com}

Morgan Andrew Somers - Masphotomi.com

{Bill Hartman via Facebook}Photo credit: Bill Hartman

 {Ed Post via flickr}

Photo Credit: Ed Post


 {Bob Walma via Facebook}

Photo Credit: Bob Walma


{Instagramer @_julieelise}

Photo Credit: Instagramer @_julieelise


{Courtney Strunk via Facebook}

Photo Credit: Courtney Strunk


{Bob Peskorse – GrandHavenPhotos.com}

Photo Credit: Bob Peskorse - GrandHavenPhotos.com


{Instagramer @johnnyqphoto}

Photo Credit: Johnny Quirin via Instagram

{Instagramer @pmdavis_photos}

Photo: Instagramer @pmdavis_photos

{Jaiden Leach via Facebook}

Photo credit: Jaiden Leach via Facebook

{Mike Borstler via Facebook}

Photo credit: Mike Borstler via Facebook

{Instagramer @snaphappygalphotography}
Photo credit: Instagramer @snaphappygalphotography

{Beth Mallo – BethMallo.com

Photo credit: Beth Mallo Photography


{Ed Post via flickr}

Photo credit: Ed Post


{Instagramer @drone8
Photo/Video: Instagramer @Drone8
For drone video, click here: Video: Instagramer @drone8


{Mike Borstler via Facebook}

Photo Credit: Mike Borstler

{Steve Damstra via Facebook}

Photo: Steve Damstra

{Bob Peskorse – GrandHavenPhotos.com}

Photo credit: Bob Peskorse - GrandHavenPhotos.com


We know there are more great photos and videos of last week’s big waves – these are just a handful of some of our favorites. You can see more on Instagram by searching the hashtags #VisitGrandHaven and #GrandHaven

As always, we love to see and reshare your photos and videos! Share them with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter


Article title image photo credit: Steve Damstra

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