5 Can’t-Miss Shops in the Grand Haven Downtown Area

With Summer almost here, it’s the best time of the year to explore the shops in the Grand Haven Area. With over 60 different stores, there’s bound to be something just for you. Gift shops, specialty foods/drinks, combined with lots of local art options to carry memories for a lifetime await! Well, we’ve put together a list just for you, and anyone who happens to find themselves in the Coast Guard City, USA.

Here are 5 can’t-miss shops in the Grand Haven Area:

1. Blueberry Haven

This shop in downtown Grand Haven smells as good as it sounds. Established in 2007 and inserted to downtown Grand Haven in 2011, they’ve paid homage to West Michigan’s blueberry roots. Your nose will whiff an amazing blueberry aura after you see a dazzling display of all kinds of blueberry products like jams, spreads, sauces, soaps, and snacks! If that all sounds delicious, then consider a gift box, which is one of their most popular options for buying their products. The cherry on top is their wonderful staff which is very friendly and knowledgeable about their locally grown and produced blueberry goodies. Blueberry Haven is perfect for treating yourself or getting a gift for someone. Make sure to stop by, they’re open every day!

2. Gallery Uptown

Located in downtown Grand Haven, Gallery Uptown is the oldest artist-operated gallery shop in the state. Award-winning artists from all over the area showcase their work in the gallery, and each month, a themed show featuring new work by gallery members and invited guests is exhibited. Viewing or admiring the work may be a good excursion for visitors, as it’s free to go look at the art and see what this areas’ artists have to offer. If you look to shop, you can buy original art, unique little trinkets, and many more knick-knacks to remember your time in the beautiful Grand Haven Area.

3. Grand Harvest Bread Co.

Served with a side of purpose, the baked goods from Grand Harvest Bread Co. aim to be the best you’ve ever tasted. We couldn’t agree more! They’re locally owned and community-focused, and have been stunning the taste buds of locals and visitors for years. Once that amazing smell of bread fills your nose as you approach the front desk, you can even try a free slice of fresh warm bread to see if you like the taste just as much. They’re known to serve flavorful bread that’s warmed to perfection, along with cinnamon rolls and cookies! So stop by, eat inside or continue on your journey through downtown Grand Haven with a loaf of bread in hand. 

4. J-Dubs Market and Wine Shop

J-Dubs Market and Wine Shop may be the perfect place for you, with their premium selection of wine, craft beer, and charcuterie that’ll leave your taste buds more than satisfied. Their customer service is also top-notch, able to help anyone find their perfect wine no matter their experience with drinking it. If wine is not for you, you can immerse yourself into the local and nationally renowned craft beers. Not into beer? Well, the charcuterie is chock-full of flavor, filling guests’ appetites as needed like a perfect pit stop on their walk. They also offer gift baskets that could be a perfect fit for your special someone! Consider stopping by if you venture through center!

5. Marushka

If you’re looking for a whimsical and artsy shop in the Grand Haven Area, look no further than Marushka! This unique shop has original art made into wearable clothing, house decor, textiles, and more! You’ll find themes related to the Grand Haven Area and the beach town vibes in their products, acting as a memory after you buy them. They’re also good for the environment with the use of earth-friendly/water-based inks for their hand-printed items. This shop has great uniquely memorable items made by local artists, so you’d be supporting more than just Marushka. Add this to your itinerary!


This is just a sampling of what the Grand Haven Area has to offer for shops, but make sure to check these out. They’re located in the downtown area and so close to other great shops. We hope to see you exploring the downtown area this summer!

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