Take a deep breath

Interested in viewing the Grand Haven Area waters from the underside? How about scuba diving! Start off in the pool at Lakeshore Scuba, or jump into the lake and train to be open water certified. Already certified, and need to rent some equipment? Lakeshore Scuba can provide that too.

Now that you’re certified – where should you go? Consider the West Michigan Underwater Preserve or Michigan Shipwreck Research Associates to answer that question. There are numerous shipwrecks and underwater features including clay walls, waiting for you! One location is 4 miles west of the Grand Haven Channel, known as Ironsides. It is 100-120 feet deep and is an advanced dive. However the 218′ wooden twin prop steamer that was built in 1864 and sank in 1873 is fairly intact!

Either way, an adventure awaits, as you strap on your tank and peer through your goggles at the underwater wonders.

Grand Haven
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