I love antiques! Knowing that each piece has it’s own story, that it was loved by someone before me, that it was once treasured – I love that.
I’ve also always loved the color green. It’s MY color. I’m nearly always wearing it, collecting it, and I can’t remember ever loving another color.
So four years ago, by combining my love of vintage and the color green, Vintage Green Antiques was born!

I want to find treasures that everyday people can purchase, use, and love. Maybe even have their child or grandchild race their Matchbox car on – and not be upset over the money they spent on something.

I want to have my finds be at a price point that people can purchase without busting their bank account. I’m also interested in making my finds affordable for young families. I want the pieces that I find and love, to be loved by a family.

Bookcases that will hold childrens’ books, dressers that young people can take off to college or have in their first apartment. I also want people to purchase items and brag to their friends how much they love it – and how affordable it was!

My goal is also to turn over items quickly! If you see it and love it, buy it! I’m interested in moving things in and out all the time. I never want a customer to see the same thing over and over and have nothing be different. Every time they stop by they should see new treasures that call their name 🙂

When I love a particular piece or antique, I say that it “speaks to me”.  Come see us and find out which piece speaks to you!

– Joyce Workman

Founder of Vintage Green Antiques

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