Welcome to The Find!

We’re a small business retailer located in Grand Haven, MI. Our vision is to “Make a positive impact” and we hope to do that in several ways. We work with big box stores to purchase their merchandise at a significant discount, which we then pass along to you. It could be that they purchased too much, the season is close to changing, a color is no longer being offered, it’s an older model, the items have been returned but are still in good to perfect condition…the reasons are endless.

But, you can rest assured the products we sell in our stores are high quality goods, at an awesome discount!  Each quarter, a percentage of our proceeds from will be donated back into the community through a variety of channels.  Our team is here to help in any way they can. When you walk into our doors, we want you to know we value you, respect you, and want you to enjoy your experience in our store.

Grand Haven
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