The original River Road is the oldest byway in Ottawa County and one of the oldest in the state. Travel the Historic River Road Tour and transport across time and space. Following the contours of today’s Grand River Greenway, Historic River Road defines the progression of our regional civilization. Long ago, mastodon and other prehistoric beasts tramped paths along the banks of the Grand River. Later Potawatomie and Ottawa Indians established camps and villages to form the Grand River Trail. Lumbermen turned that trail into tramways that delivered logs to the river. Using the tour guide, you can enjoy an afternoon traveling and learning more about the local history. Printed copies of the tour guide are available at the Nature Education Center for $3. Print copies are also available at the Grand Haven Area Visitors Center at 512 Washington Ave., Grand Haven.

Historic River Road Guide

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    Print copies are available at the Ottawa County Nature Education Center for $3 each. Digital copies are available for free. You can also pick up a copy at the Grand Haven Area Visitors Center.
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