The City of Grand Haven’s Historic Conservation District Commission invites you to take a step back in time as you explore the Northwest Neighborhood Historic Conservation District. Along your journey you will become acquainted with the area to the north of the downtown. The district contains simple historic buildings. Because it’s located adjacent to the riverfront and the south channel, where many of the railroad and shipping associated industries were located, it once provided housing for many of Grand Haven’s workers.

Some of the homes have retained much of their original character, while others have been significantly altered. Nevertheless, when they are considered as a neighborhood, they contain the characteristics necessary to establish architectural significance.

Most of the houses in this area are constructed in the Vernacular style. This is not really a style, but a form of construction that uses simplified forms of the currently popular building styles. As a result, although Vernacular houses do not have enough features to be classified as being a particular style, it is often possible to identify them with a style according to the few detail that they do have.

Styles sighted in the “The Grand Haven Historical Survey” (1982), by Preservation Urban Design Inc. include Greek Revival Vernacular, Italianate Vernacular, and Gothic Revival.

This self-guided walking tour can begin at any point on the map. Parking and public restrooms are designated on the map.

Historic Northwest Neighborhood Self-Guided Walking Tour

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