The New Innovative Way To Ride A Bike

Electric Bikes at the Electric Bike Place  are available to rent hourly, daily or even weekly and are a great and easy way to get around town, to the beach or even as an exciting new take on date night. Give MACkite a call at 800.622.4655 and we will get you out enjoying the fresh air on an electric bike today! We would be honored in assisting you in finding the best electric bicycle for you. Not only do we have knowledgeable staff, we also try every bicycle that is in our shop so we can give you honest reviews without all the fluff. If you would like to test a bicycle, we have a multi-terrain track that allows you to hit hills, pavement, and off-roading all in one place. We also have bicycle classes, rentals, and corporate electric bike rentals. Plus, if something were to happen, we’re here for basic maintenance and repairs as well as any warranty claims. Since the beginning, 1981 to be exact, MACkite’s slogan has been, “Where FUN begins!” That mantra still holds true for our staff and our culture, and we wish nothing more than to give you the best experience possible.

The Future Is Now…On A Skateboard

While Back to the Future still has the one-up on us with McFly’s hoverboard, electric skateboards are the next best thing. Yep, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Electric skateboards with a motor attached make for an amazing ride around town whether you’re looking for an adrenaline fix, calming down after a long day, or just commuting to work. Easily rechargeable, easy to control even for those of us who don’t ride a skateboard or longboard, saving gas money, utilizing simple remotes, what’s not to love about these things? They handle just like a standard longboard would, with the exception of you not having to do any of the pushing. Throw a backpack on, put a six-pack of your favorite non-alcoholic beverage between your feet and make a day of it or just cruise to your classes in style. Take your new (slightly less romantic) magic carpet for a spin and make all the ladies swoon. Electric boards are the wave of the future, so you might as well get ahead of the game.

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