6 Ways To Stay Fit While You #VisitGrandHaven

As the weather warms up on the sparkling shores of Lake Michigan, we can all take a collective happy sigh and think, I’m so glad to be outside. 

Over the last few weeks, shop doors have been thrown open to take in the fresh air, the pier has begun to bustle with people, and many are looking forward to those other signs that summer is on its way. Hopefully, the warmer weather is not only drawing you out of doors but also toward the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan.

The great thing about living or vacationing near Lake Michigan is that the area offers so many unique forms of activity. If you’re dedicated to your daily workout or just looking for a way to stretch your legs after the long winter, there are lots of individual or family activities to choose from when you visit Grand Haven.

Health and fitness specialist Kelsey Turkey of Strength & Sweat, LLC is an expert at finding the place where fitness and fun meet. She recently shared some of her favorite fitness ideas that are unique to the Grand Haven location and landscape.

Play beach volleyball or sand soccer
This is a great way to work up a sweat and burn calories, because running in the sand uses close to one and a half times more energy than running on the road. In Grand Haven, you can visit the State Park to find ample room for soccer, volleyball, or just a run along the shoreline.

Grand Haven Beach Volleyball. Photo Credit: Marci Cisneros

Play Frisbee in the water
The basics of water aerobics are at play here. But so are you, so you won’t even notice that you’re getting a workout! Playing in the water is good for your joints, and it helps to increase upper and lower body strength. If the water is a bit chilly, get a group together and toss a Frisbee along the beach.

Grand Haven State Park Frisbee. Photo Credit: Marci Cisneros

Walking or running stairs
Many of the parks in the area have long flights of stairs that will take you up the dunes or hills to high vantage points for great views. Walking or running up these stairs are excellent calorie-burning activities. A few great locations for this type of fitness workout are Rosy Mound Natural Area or Lakeshore Middle School.

Rosy Mound Natural Area Stairs - Grand Haven Michigan

Explore the parks
Grand Haven State Park is a perfect place to explore the shoreline. Other areas parks have incredible trail systems that you can hike or bike, which are both great cardio exercises. For great trails, try Hofma Park, Rosy Mound Natural Area, and Duncan Woods. Just be sure to follow all of the posted rules and regulations for activity at each respective park.

Mountain Biking in Grand Haven. Photo Courtesy of Rock 'N' Road

If you’d like to try something a little different, there are even more great activities on the water and the trails. A number of local shops have the equipment to help you enjoy them!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding
At ThePaddlesUp in Spring Lake just a short car ride from your cottage or campsite in Grand Haven, you can float into the sunset on Lake Michigan while riding a stand up paddle board. Don’t be afraid of this activity if you’ve never done it before! Lessons and training are available for all experience levels. Stand up paddle boarding is a great activity for perfecting your balance and getting a workout for your core. Knee Deep Living is another local business that offers SUP rentals and lessons. When you’ve got the hang of balancing on the SUP, try Knee Deep’s paddle yoga class!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding In Grand Haven. Photo credit: Instagramer @haileywatkins210

Bike the Trails
Grab a rental bike and take to the trails! Rock ‘n’ Road Cycle and Sun Sports Rental in Grand Haven both offer bicycle rentals. The local trails offer many options for bikers, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned cycler. Just ask for trail maps or suggestions wherever you rent your bikes, and head off on your biking adventure!

Biking in Spring Lake. Photo Credit: Ed Post

There’s never a dull moment on the Grand Haven Lakeshore. After you’ve enjoyed a full day of activity on the water, the sand, and the trails, don’t forget to treat yourself to an ice cream cone while you watch the sunset.

What are your favorite ways to stay fit while on vacation in the Grand Haven area? Let us know if the comments section below!


Kailyn Clay, Guest Blogger | Grand Haven, Michigan{Guest Blogger – Kailyn Clay}
Kailyn Clay lives with her husband near the lakeshore in Grand Haven, MI. She works at a small publishing house and spends her free time with friends and family. Her favorite thing about living in Grand Haven is her proximity to the lake and Pronto Pups.





Post title image credit: Instagramer @Haileywatkins210

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