The Tadpole Smoothie Hut

As you’re strolling along Washington Avenue in downtown Grand Haven, you might have noticed a light blue hut that looks like it came right from a tropical beach. This is The Tadpole Smoothie Hut, run and managed by Jumpin’ Java. The Tadpole is all about smoothies. Whether you’re looking for a drink that’s fruity or are craving something a little more sweet, this adorable little spot is the perfect place to get a cool drink while you’re spending the summer in Grand Haven.

Recently, Jumpin’ Java partnered with Gracious Grounds, an organization that “brings independent living and working opportunities to people with all different abilities.” Six different residents from Gracious Grounds alternate working in the smoothie hut on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11am-6pm. They make smoothies, serve them, and clean the hut.

During our visit, we had the pleasure of working with Gracious Grounds resident Alex. Alex is proud of her community at Gracious Grounds and loves having the opportunity to work at the hut. Alex made us a Strawberry Paradise smoothie as well as a Peaches and Silk smoothie in the hut. A Strawberry Paradise smoothie consists of ice, strawberry base, dairy base, and a fresh banana. The Peaches and Silk smoothie is created with ice, peach base, dairy base, vanilla powder, and whipped cream. They were delicious!

Zoe, a Jumpin’ Java employee, has enjoyed working with Alex and the other residents of Gracious Grounds. The two of them make a great team and really enjoy working together. The hut was filled with laughter and happiness as they blended up their tasty signature drinks.

Looking towards the future, Jumpin’ Java has plans to open up Kenzie’s Be Café in the historic Crescent Theatre on Washington Avenue. This café will be operated by people with disabilities. They are currently doing fundraising for the building so they can renovate and purchase the necessary items for the café. If you are interested in supporting Kenzie’s Be Café, visit their website https://www.kenziesbecafe.com/ to donate. Follow their Facebook page for updates as they continue to work on this project.

Come and visit The Tadpole Smoothie Hut and order a smoothie hand crafted by the staff of Jumpin’ Java and the residents of Gracious Grounds. Also, check out our video on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to see these smoothies being made!

Grand Haven
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